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Workshop on Microsystems Technologies
and Applications for the Internet of Things
September 29-30, 2017

IoT Workshop Agenda

About Event 


Please join us for the Fall 2017 WIMS2 Internet of Things Workshop, and Poster Competition, which will be held on Friday, September 29 and Saturday, September 30, at the WIMS2 Center on North Campus in Ann Arbor, Michigan.



Hotel, Transportation, Parking
and Directions


Holiday Inn - Near the University of Michigan
3600 Plymouth Road
Ann Arbor MI 48105
(734) 769-9800
Block Name: WIMS2


A limited number of rooms have been blocked for the following:


Check in: 9/27  Check out: 9/30


For block rate: call the hotel directly and mention code: WIMS2


Complimentary U-M shuttle


Dahlmann Campus Inn - 2.1 mi
(734) 769-2200
615 E. Huron St.

To/from airport or hotels:
Detroit Airport Limo Cars: $50 from airport (800)-892-6467
Amazing Blue Taxi: $60 to airport (734) 846-0007

Reserve a parking permit by checking the 'Parking Permit Needed' box on your registration form. Parking permits will be distributed in front of the Lurie Engineering Center upon arrival. For further information contact Trasa Burkhardt at (734) 341-8182 or

Workshop Posters

  1. A 2kPa Per Stage and 1.3sccm Flow Rate Modular Two-Stage Electrostatic Gas Micropump with Stiffened

  2. A Flexible Smart Wound Dressing with Integrated On-Demand Oxygen-Release and Sensing Capability

  3. A Fully Printed Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Based Thermistor

  4. A Micro Oven-Control System for Inertial Sensors

  5. A Non-Contact Method for Fair and Accurate Metering of Wireless Power Transfer in Electric Vehicles

  6. A Non-Uniformly-Sampled Digital Controller for Constant-On-Time Valley-Current-Mode (NUS-COTCM) Buck

  7. A Platform for Autonomous Sensor Characterization and Generation of Provenance-aware Datasets 4 IoT

  8. Acoustic power transfer- the optimal electric loads of piezoelectric receivers

  9. Comparison of Poly-L-lactic Acid (PLA) & Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) biodegradable

  10. Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Wireless Power Transfer

  11. Dynamics of Millimeter-scale Robotics with Thin-film Piezoelectric and High-Aspect Ratio Polymer Leg

  12. Environmental Logging Microsystem (ELM) For Downhole Applications

  13. Enhancing breakdown voltage in amorphous zinc tin oxide Schottky diode

  14. Exploiting Disorder in Novel Semiconductors for Optoelectronic Devices

  15. Facile Batch Mode Process for High Capacity Rechargeable Nickel-Zinc Microbatteries

  16. High Quality Factor Gyroscope Resonators Formed with Blowtorch Reflow Molding

  17. iGCx Fully Electronic Microfabricated Gas Chromatographs

  18. In situ acoustomagnetic interrogation of a glaucoma valve with integrated wireless microactuator

  19. Increased Blocking Voltage in Solution Processed ZTO HVTFTs through Drain Offset

  20. Low-Noise MEMS Gyroscope System for Navigation

  21. Micromachined Pressure Sensors and Hydrophones for Extreme Downhole Environments

  22. Multi-Channel Stethograph System Development

  23. Non-contact Home Health Monitoring Based on Low-cost High-performance Accelerometers

  24. Passive Micro-Sampler with Facilitated On-Site Analysis for Multi-Vapor Worker Exposure Monitoring

  25. Progressive Cellular Architecture for Vapor Collection and Chromatographic Separation

  26. Rapid and Sensitive Cytokine Optoelectronic Immunosensing by Bio-Tunable Nanoplasmonic Filter

  27. RF Trap for Chip-scale Helium Ion Pump (RFT-CHIP)

  28. Silicon High Flow Knudsen Pump

  29. Sub-Millimeter Packages for Microsystems in Harsh Environment Applications

  30. Technology for Fabricating Dense 3-D Microstructure Arrays for Biomimetic Hair-like Capacitive Accel

  31. Time Synchronization in a Network of Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons

  32. Transparent and Self-Activated Harmonic Microsensors for IoT Healthcare Applications


  34. Wearable Microfabricated Gas Chromatography for Trace-Level Volatile Organic Compound Determination

  35. Wireless Magnetoelastic Monitoring of Biliary Stents

  36. Wireless Power Transfer for Implantable Medical Devices Using Piecewise Resonance


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