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Amin Sandoughsaz   (#38)   

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Ann Arbor, MI
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University of Michigan
PhD Student

Ann Arbor, MI  

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COE EECS - ECE Division
Neural Interface Microsystems, Microfluidics
Prof. Khalil Najafi



Amin Sandoughsaz

EECS Department, University of Michigan
1301 Beal Avenue, Ann Arbor, Michigan

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  University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI)

  Ph.D., Electrical Engineering – MEMS                                                 Sept. 2013 – present

  Advisor: Prof. Khalil Najafi

  Research Topic:Neural Interface Microsystems, MEMS Gas Micro Pumps


University of Tehran (Tehran, Iran)

B.Sc., Electrical Engineering – Electronics Sept. 2008 – Jun. 2013

Advisor: Prof. Shams Mohajerzadeh

Thesis: Fabrication of Complex 3D Free Standing Structures on Silicon Substrates



University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI)

Graduate Student Research Assistant, Electrical Engineering Sept. 2013 – present

Graduate Student Instructor, Electrical EngineeringJan. 2016 – Apr. 2016

Course: EECS 425, Integrated Microsystem Laboratory, Mentoring Students MEMS and

IC design, fabrication and testing


University of Tehran (Tehran, Iran)

Graduate Student Research Assistant, Thin Film Laboratory Jun. 2010 – Sept. 2013

Teaching Assistant, Electrical Engineering Jan. 2012 – Jun. 2012

Course: Electronic Devices Fabrication Laboratory, Fabrication and Testing of NMOS technology




5- A. Sandoughsaz, A. Besharatian, L. P. Bernal, K. Najafi,Modular stacked Variable

compression ratio multi-stage gas micropump , IEEE Transducers 2015


4- A. Sandoughsaz, S. Azimi and S. Mohajerzadeh, “ Realization of Complex Three dimensional Free Standing Structures on Silicon Substrates using Controllable Underetching in a Deep Reactive Ion Etching” J. Micromech. Microeng.23 (2013) 035022 (9pp)



3- S. Azimi, A.Sandoughsaz and S. Mohajerzadeh, “ Realization of Three-Dimensional Si and SiO2 Nanowall Structures Using Reactive Ion Etching , IEEE JMEMS Letters, VOL. 20, NO. 2, PP. 353-354, APRIL 2011


2- S. Azimi, A. Sandoughsaz, B. Amirsolaimani, J. Naghsh-Nilchi and S. Mohajerzadeh , Three-dimensional etching of silicon substrates using a modified deep reactive ion etching technique , J. Micromech. Microeng. 21 (2011) 074005 (10pp)

1-Z.Sanaee, S.Azimi, M.Poudineh, S. Mohajerzadeh, and A. Sandoughsaz, “Ultra-high Aspect Ratio High-speed Silicon Nanowire and Three-dimensional Formation Using a Hydrogen-assisted Deep Reactive Ion Etching” AVS, USA, 2011






– Standard Cleanroom Processing: Lithography, Deposition, Etching, Oxidation, Doping

Characterization instruments: SEM, TEM, STM, AFM, PL, Keithley and UV-vis- NIR

Analog Circuit Design in 180nm and 130nm technologies using Cadence

MEMS design and verification using COMSOL Multiphysics




– Integrated, Low Power, High Pressure, High Flow Rate, Electrostatic Gas Micropump

– Microprobes for Chronic Neural Recording

– Wearable Haptic Device with integrated sensing and actuation

– Integrated Ultra-Low Power CMOS On-Chip Thermal Sensor (Awarded in Apple Circuit design contest 2014, 2nd Place)



SELECTED COURSEWORK (graduate-level only)

Introduction to MEMS (F’13), RF MEMS (F’13), Flat Panel Displays (W’14),     

Principles of Microelectronics Process Technology (W’14),

Digital Integrated Technology (F’14),

Analog and Mixed Signal Design (F’14), Advanced MEMS (W’15)


Computer Skills

  – Languages: C/C++, MATLAB

  – Applications: COMSOL Multiphysics, L-Edit

  – CAD Tools: Cadence, HSPICE

  – Environments: Windows, Linux




2015 Second Place in Apple Analog Circuit Design Contest (EECS 413)

2014 Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship Finalist

2013IEEE Distinguished B.Sc. Thesis Award (Nationwide)


2011-2012Ranked 4th among undergraduate students of Electronic Engineering

2008Admitted to university of Tehran as an elite student

2007 Ranked 1st in Invention Exhibition (Iran)

2006Ranked 3rd in Khwarizmi Youth Award in Electronics section




Note: Khwarizmi Youth Award is the most prestigious competition between young inventors and researchers in Iran.





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