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Workshop on Nano/Micro Manufacturing May 22 - 23, 2013 Ford Motor Company Conference

Published on 5/22/2013

Workshop on Nano/Micro Manufacturing

Speakers include Government, Defense, and Venture Capital Notables

Press Release: January 16, 2013, Ann Arbor and Dearborn, Michigan


Experts from the areas of government, defense, and venture capital will speak at the Workshop on Nano/Micro Manufacturing on May 22-23, 2013, in Dearborn, MI.  Dr. Sridahar Kota, formerly of the White House Office of Science and Technology and now at the University of Michigan, will be one of the plenary speakers.  Additional speakers include Kurt Peterson, from KP MEMS, who is a microsensor pioneer and current venture capitalist; and Avram Bar-Cohen, a Program Manager at the Microsystem Technology Office of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).


 The intent of the workshop is to bring together manufacturers, researchers, and end users so that they can initiate a roadmap for translating basic research into practical applications.  Workshop topics include:  new manufacturing processes using nano and micro devices and materials, barriers to commercializing these processes, the needs of industry for new materials and devices, future research directions, policy and partnership models, and metrology, standards, safety, and environmental issues of nano and micro technologies.


This workshop will be an opportunity for researchers to engage manufacturers in discussions on ways to speed up the commercialization of nano and micro technologies and move them from the laboratory to the factory floor.  Potential and current users of nano and micro technologies will be able to directly discuss their needs with the research and product development communities at the workshop.

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