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Zhijin Lin   (#97)   (zhijin)

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Ann Arbor, MI
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University of Michigan
Research Fellow
1415 Washington Heights

Ann Arbor, MI  

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Environmental Health Sciences
Environmental Sensors and Subsystems
Edwards T. Zellers




Wayne State University                                                                                                                  Detroit, MI Analytical Chemistry                                                                                                         August, 2015             
Fuzhou University                                                                                                                     Fujian, China 
M.S. in Food Safety and Pharmaceutical Chemistry                                                                       June, 2011 
B.S. in Chemistry                                                                                                                             June, 2009                                                        
                                                                     Work Experience

University of Michigan                                                                                                              Ann Arbor, MI
Research Fellow                                                                                                                        2015 – present
• Research and develop a prototype micro-gas chromatography designed for direct-reading personal vapor exposures in working places  
• Supervise and work with a graduate student to develop two gold nanoparticles based micro-sensors for detecting volatile organic compounds 
• Collaborated with lab technician to develop a zone-heated and microfabricated gas chromatography columns for energy-efficient separations of volatile organic compound mixtures 

Wayne State University                                                                                                                 Detroit, MI 
Graduate Research Assistant                                                                                                        2011 – 2015
• Developed analytical methods to measure ligand-exchange rates of trivalent lanthanide ions in ionic liquids 
• Developed a method to measure number of oxygen-containing ligands bound to trivalent lanthanide ions in solution 
• Synthesized and purified ionic liquids 
• Developed analytical methods to quantify metal ions using ICP-MS/OES
• Analyzed small molecules using HPLC-MS
• Maintained and troubleshot HPLC-MS, GC-MS, and fluorimeter 

Fuzhou University                                                                                                                     Fujian, China  Graduate Research Assistant                                                                                                      2009 – 2011
• Developed a recyclable BSA-coated gold nanoclusters-based fluorescent film to selectively detect copper (II) ions in drinking water
• Developed fluorescent horseradish peroxidase-coated gold nanoclusters for sensing silver(I) ions in aqueous solution 
• Managed lab supplies and chemical inventory 


David F. Boltz Award , 2015
Graduate Student Professional Travel Award Wayne State University, 2014                    


1. Lin, Z.; Luo, F.; Dong, T.; Zhen, L.; Wang, Y.;  Chi, Y.; Chen, G. Recyclable fluorescent gold nanocluster membrane for visual sensing of copper(II) ion in aqueous solution. Analyst 2012, 137, 2394–2399. 
2. Lin, Z.; Allen, M. J. Luminescence as a tool to study the lanthanide-catalyzed formation of carbon–carbon bond. Dyes Pigments 2014, 110, 261–269. 
3. Lin, Z.; Shelby, M. L.; Hayes, D.; Fransted, K. A.; Chen, L. X.; Allen, M. J. Water-exchange rates of lanthanide ions in an ionic liquid. Dalton Trans 2014, 43, 16156–16159.
4. Lin, Z.; Allen, M. J. 17O-NMR spectroscopy to study the coordination of oxygen-based ligands to lanthanide ions in solution. Journal of Coordination Chemistry 2016, In press

1. Wireless Integrated MicroSensing & Systems Research Review & Industrial Advisory Board Meeting. Ann Arbor, MI. May, 2016; Poster
2. Microfluidics in Biomedical Sciences Symposium. Ann Arbor, MI. May, 2016; Poster
3. 27th Rare Earth Research Conference. Reno, NV. June 22–26, 2014; Poster. 
4. Ohio Inorganic Weekend 2014. Ann Arbor, MI. November 14–15, 2014; Poster. 
5. 16th Annual Chemistry Graduate Research Symposium. Detroit, MI, October 11, 2014; Poster.
6. Ohio Inorganic Weekend 2013. Dayton, OH. November 15–16, 2013; Poster. 
7. ANACHEM/SAS Detroit Symposium 2013. Burton Manor, Livonia, MI. November 7, 2013; Talk.
8. 15th Annual Chemistry Graduate Research Symposium. Detroit, MI, October 12, 2013; Poster.

                                                                    Teaching Experience
Wayne State University                                                                                                                 Detroit, MI 
Graduate Teaching Assistant                                                                                                        2011 – 2012
• Taught Intermediate inorganic chemistry lab for senior students
• Taught General chemistry for fresh students

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